Sarah Gundry

Sarah da Silva is a PhD student at King’s College, London and an honorary researcher at the Centre for Indian Studies, University of the Witwatersrand. She is also a participant in the international ‘Commodities and Culture in the Colonial World’ network. Her thesis, provisionally titled ‘The Institutions of Literary Colonialism: Eliot, Trollope, and the Cape Colony’ is an investigation into the formation of white British colonial belonging in the Cape Colony in the mid-nineteenth century. Sarah’s other research interests include colonial print and literary culture, George Eliot studies, Anthony Trollope studies, book history and the history of nineteenth-century British reading.

Sarah da Silva, ‘”Homward Bound”: Periodicity, the Cape Colony’s Literary Culture and the Cape Monthly Magazine’, English Studies in Africa, 57.1 (2014), pp.9 – 20. (Here is the web address in case you want to hyperlink it: