Nisha Mathew


Nisha Mathew’s interests in migration, space and the commercial history of Dubai began while pursuing a Post graduate Diploma in Cultural Studies at the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society (CSCS), Bangalore where she was based as a researcher for three years.

She began her doctoral research as a Mellon Fellow at CISA in early 2011and continues to work with the many dimensions of Indian Ocean history in her exploration of present day Dubai.

She has presented writing on new geo-political imaginaries in south India using the lenses of the trade in gold, Gulf migration and liberalization. She has also worked on the re-invention of social and familial spaces in cities in South India as geographies of leisure defined vis-à-vis geographies of labour in the Arab Gulf.

She occasionally blogs on Dubai for Coffeegraphy, a copywriting venture she is associated with in Bangalore.

Proposed academic publication

The title of her proposed PhD dissertation is “Understanding Space, Politics and History in the Making of Dubai, a ‘Global City”