Manaf Kottakkunnummal

Manaf Kottakkunnummal is currently working on his doctoral thesis in the broad area of ‘Migration of Indian labour and Capital to Africa and Issues of Global Responsibility’. Having finished an MPhil dissertation entitled ‘Gender and Family in Colonial South India: A Study of Mappila Matriliny in Malabar c. 1914-1940’ at the Centre for the Study of Social Systems, Jawaharlal Nehru University, he then worked on issues of Caste, Class and Identity among Kerala Muslims by analysing the history of religion and labour in Malabar, Kerala. He was educated at the University of Calicut (Kerala) and JNU (New Delhi). During this period he has also engaged with research projects and teaching and developed interest in the issues of labour in India.


Articles & Chapters

“Re-articulation of Mappila Muslim Matriliny in Colonial Kerala” in Gernot Saalmann, ed., Changing India – Yesterday and Tomorrow (New Delhi: Palm Leaf Publications). Forthcoming 2013.

“Malabarile Muslim Marumakkathayam” [in Malayalam]  in Pachakkuthira 9, 1, (June, 2012).


‘Of Exclusion, Gender, History, and Religion in South India: A Socio-historical Analysis of the Exclusion of Muslim Women in Higher Education in Kerala’ at the Structures Of Exclusion: A Conference Organised By The Indian Formation Research Society,  University of Delhi, 23rd November – 25th November, 2012.

‘Contesting Articulations of Religion among Matrilineal Mappila Muslims In Colonial Malabar, Kerala. C. 1914-1940’ at the AISC held at JNU, December 2012.

‘Methodological perspectives on the exploration of Gender in contemporary Kerala, with special reference to Gender and family among the Mappilas in Colonial Malabar’ at Kannur University, 25th August 2011.

‘Making ‘un-reformed’: On Family, Gender and Class in Islamic Charity Images in South India’, at ASA12: Arts and Aesthetics in a Globalising World, JNU, New Delhi, 3-6 April, 2012.

‘Of Indigenous Customs and Colonial Law: Contestations in Religion, Gender, and Family among Matrilineal Mappila Muslims in Colonial Malabar, Kerala, c. 1910-1928’ at Writing Histories of Power/ Contestation, International Young Researchers Conference 2012, CHS, JNU, 7th -9th April 2012.

‘Gender and Family in Colonial South India: A Sociological Study of Mappila Matriliny in Malabar, Kerala c.1910-1940’, at PhD Seminar, CSSS, SSS, JNU, 29th March 2012.

‘Perspectives on Women’s Education and empowerment: A Socio-historical Analysis of the Exclusion of Muslim Women in Higher Education in Kerala” at The International Conference on Development, Empowerment and Human rights: Perspectives on Muslims in Postcolonial India, New Delhi, 27-29 August 2012.