Kwanda Lande

Kwanda Lande is a full time Masters’ student in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of the Witwatersrand, the provisional tittle of his current research is “understanding the economic effects of the Port of Ngqura and Coega Industrial Development Zone project, Port Elizabeth on the Township of Motherwell”. He holds a B.Sc. in Urban and regional planning and B.Sc (honors) in Urban and Regional Planning (both from Wits University).His research interests have been motivated by his commitment to issues of social justice, equity and fairness in the built environment. His current Masters research attempts to understand the extent in which mega projects in the India ocean littoral affect adjacent communities from an economic perspective. Apart from academic work he is interested in current affairs and politics, of all scales (neighbourhood, metropolitan, national and global). In the past he has worked with the Centre for Urbanism and Built Environment Studies (CUBES) on the topic of street trading and urban governance.