Dr Andrew MacDonald


Andrew MacDonald followed a winding path as a student and teacher in South Africa and parts of Asia before completing a PhD at St John’s College, Cambridge. During this time he developed an interest the origins of migration-controls in the Indian Ocean and how travelers of myriad sorts subverted them.

He has worked on case studies of Chinese, Indian, Assyrian, Madeiran and east African migrants, presenting to audiences in Oxford, Hyderabad, Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. He is currently mining the archives for a project entitled Forgers, Fraudsters and Borders:  A History of Creative Citizenship on South Africa’s Indian Ocean Frontier, 1900-1940 and is interested in developing a social history of inter-war Lourenço Marques and Beira.

In his spare time, Andrew writes occasional newspaper features and reviews, and is a collector of books and old photographs.

Selected Publications (click on titles for links)